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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Few Mobile Apps I Love!

There are some great apps and then there are some fantastic apps!  Right now I am currently loving Scanner Pro and Evernote mobile applications.  These handy apps allow for digital pictures of documents, books, and computer screens to be captured and converted into pdf files.  No more devilish printers/copiers for me!  Now I capture all documents through these mobile apps and upload them to my online notebook, which by the way also allows for the user to create notes, tag everything for indexing, and stores it for access from any computer.  Did I mention I am loving this?

Scanner Pro
Scanner Pro is an app for iPhone that can be found in the Apple App Store.  There are similar apps for Android.  It does take a little getting used to and it took me about 3 documents to become familiar with it.  It allows for multiple pages for one file and then you can crop the images if need be.  Then they can be loaded to Evernote and converted to pdf along the way.

Evernote is a free mobile app that can be found for iPhone and Android.  After creating an account, you can link your Scanner Pro with your Evernote account and store your files.  In Evernote, I created files with tags for my family history as a sort of index to my documents.  I also created notes for books I looked at and included citations.  Best part is accessing it from any computer.  The files can then be printed out or saved to your personal computer. 

If you are like me and rely on your smartphone for just about everything, these are wonderful apps that will help you save some time at the copiers when you are out and about.