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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DNA Update: Haplogroup H1e

As mentioned in the previous blog post, my husband's mtDNA classified him in haplogroup H.  Since then, his mtDNA Full Sequence has been classified as H1e.  This is a subclade of haplogroup H1.  Not much is known yet about H1e, but you can take a look at the haplogroup tree on SNPedia by clicking here.

By the way, SNPedia is a great tool to use for haplotype trees and information and DNA.  Its a good bookmark to have!

The Jewish heritage noted in the mtDNA Full Sequence and DNA matches to others in the Family Tree DNA database also provided some clues.  As noted before, some of the matches came from Poland, Morocco, France, Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Iraq.  The highest matches came from France (Alsace and Ashkenazi) with 14.6% and Morocco (Sephardic) with 17.6%.  One of the exact matches was from the Czech Republic (Ashkenazi).  In searching for explanations about such a wide dispersal of matches, I found an article Counting the Founders: The Matrilineal Genetic Ancestry of the Jewish Diaspora by a multitude of authors at PLOS One (an open access article database for science).  Page 4 of the article details the lineage of Moroccan Jews through H1e and H4a1a, which are themselves two distinct subclades of the H haplogroup.  The H1e subclade is specific to Morocco and Northern Africa.  The article further explains much of the Jewish diaspora using genetics to trace the different Jewish groups.  So it would seem according to his mtDNA that his ancestors migrated from Morocco (Sephardic) to Europe.  Since one of his exact mtDNA Full Sequence matches reported Ashkenazi heritage in the Czech Republic, there may be more to the story yet to be uncovered. 

More to come......

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